There Are Many Reasons To Consider A Plunge Pool

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It’s too late to get a pool for Christmas, but you can still take the plunge! In the history of swimming pools, plunge pools are relatively new, but they have proven to be incredibly versatile and popular.  

What is a plunge pool?

A plunge pool is a small pool. You can have a small fibreglass plunge pool or concrete plunge pool, but these take time to install and can be expensive. An acrylic or spa plunge pool is a quick, easy and more affordable option. These types of plunge pools have shallower, smaller depths and are meant for gentle swimming, water-based resistance exercise or rehab, relaxing, playing and cooling off.  

A spa plunge pool is an ideal alternative to the typical backyard swimming pool, and you can enjoy it all year long. With a smaller body of water, these plunge pools can be kept warm all winter and cooled down for summer with heat and a cool pump. Due to the fact that they are manufactured as a complete package, they can also incorporate effective insulation methods. 

Another plus is you don’t need to go through a time-consuming council consent process or have to worry about fencing regulations as the height of the pool fulfils the fencing regulations as long as the steps are removed. The hard sectioned cover is insulated and lockable. You also get the added benefit of hydrotherapy jets. 

Spa plunge pools are perfect for small sites and can easily be installed in a day. They can be used simply as is or incorporated into decks or other landscaping.

How do you choose a plunge pool?

  • Choose a plunge pool with a depth of at least 1300mm, as that’s sufficient enough to submerge your entire body.  An economic and efficient heating and cooling system helps keep running costs low. This is an optional extra on Sapphire Spas Plunge Pools.
  • Choose a reputable brand that has been manufacturing for several years. Take a look at online reviews across a variety of platforms to learn what others are saying about them. 
  • Read the fine print of warranties to be sure exactly what is and isn’t covered. For example, are both parts and labour included and if so for how long? Is there a cap on the amount you can claim under warranty? 
  • Be sure to include swim jets. Swim jets provide water movement that you can gently exercise against to maintain mobility and flexibility. They are also a lot of fun for kids to play and splash about in. 
  • Consider steps and layout. With wide steps and an open layout, toddlers can play and splash while adults can relax.

One of the market leaders for Plunge Pools in Australia and New Zealand is Sapphire Spas. Their plunge pools have a depth of 1300mm, sufficient to submerge your entire body. Sapphire Spas keep their plunge pools affordable by using the same design as they are more expensive swim spas, but with fewer jets, pumps, and running equipment. They also come in a beautiful range of colours, with cedar cabinet options so are stunning too.  

When buying a spa or pool you should look for an established retailer who carries reputable brands. This has become increasingly important as more suppliers enter the market every day. As with any big-ticket item, quality products, reliable advice, and after-sales service are critical for many years of trouble-free enjoyment. If you’re looking for Swimming Pools NZ or Spa Pools NZ, visit one of the three Wright Pools & Spas stores near you.