Quality Brands, Trusted and reliable after sales service
Quality Brands, Trusted and reliable after sales service
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We are the regions longest serving spa pool provider
  • Thousands of spa pools sold
  • Premium brands that stand the test of time
  • Quality models to suit all budgets
  • Dedicated after-sales support team
  • Trading since 1988
Try before you buy

A spa pool is a considerable investment. We encourage you visit us so you can experience the difference a quality spa pool provides. With three stores in the Wellington region, we have a large selection of spa pools for you to try. 

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quality brands and a trusted retailer

Choosing a spa pool or swim spa can be confusing, especially given the sheer number of brands these days. Like anything in life, not all brands are created equal. There is a lot more to a spa pool than the number of jets it has, how big it is or whether it plays music.

We help you narrow down the choice by ticking off the most important boxes first:

  1. Quality brands
  2. Trusted and reliable after sales service

Our Spa Pools

Wright Pools & Spas (what was then Wright Spa Pools) was previously one of the largest HotSpring Spa dealers in Australasia, but several years back chose to represent Sundance Spas instead.

More recently we have also become suppliers of the all Australian manufactured Sapphire Spas & Swim Spas and High Country Spas, another premium brand renowned for quality and design excellence.

Trusted and

reliable after sales service

You can rely on Wright Pools & Spas to stock a huge range of accessories and spare parts. If your spa should ever need anything replaced or repaired, you can be assured we will be able to supply; which is certainly not the case with many other makes and models!

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low prices are forgotten."

Our Brands


Sapphire Spas are Australian made & owned. They use optimum components, sourced from the very best within the industry and offering several price points to suit every budget.

Sapphire Spas have the largest retail store network throughout New Zealand and Wright Pools & Spas through our three retail locations offer the largest choice and availability. Custom build choices are also available through us from the Australian manufacturing plant.

We know your spa pool is one of the most exciting purchases you make, along with a car and home, so we make the experience special. Your new spa will be hand delivered by us, supported by our local shops, then protected by Sapphire Spas life-care commitment. 



Sundance Spa pools have stood the test of time, never compromising on quality and always staying true to their values. While other manufacturers have opted for cheaper componentry to lower costs, Sundance Spas has kept the bar high.

Renowned for expert craftsmanship, design and efficiency, Sundance Spas also leads in hydrotherapy. One of the original Jacuzzi brands, when you read the story behind the brand you’ll understand why the hydrotherapy features they offer are second to none.

Try before you buy,

dry or filled!

We encourage all prospective customers to sit in a variety of dry spas on our shop floor so that both they and we can be sure they are buying a model that suits the number of people and the size of bodies it is going to accommodate.

No matter what your requirements, we have something that will work including bespoke models which can be made to order so you get exactly what you’d like.

We also understand that a spa can be a substantial investment so we are happy to offer a wet test where a spa or spas are filled and heated to enable the complete experience of a premium spa.

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Wet Test

A spa pool is a considerable investment, so we encourage you to come and try ours so you can experience the difference a premium quality spa provides.

  • Try different models
  • Listen, feel and experience the differences in seating, size and colours

Buying a spa is not unlike choosing a car, in that preferences are personal. How a car feels to one person, can be quite different to someone else. And so it is for spas: same spa + different people = different experience.

That’s why we offer and encourage buyers to experience our spas first-hand. Step in, sit down, turn on the jets, music, lights and pay attention to how it feels and sounds, because believe it or not – even though all spas contain the same substance, the experience can be quite different!

Full Delivery and


There is quite a bit to installing a spa pool. Step one is getting it to site. Having delivered several thousand around the Lower North Island over the past 30 years, we know some can be difficult. We can often install where others won’t. Ask us for a non-obligation site visit. 

As a Wright Pools & Spas customer, we take care of all of this for you. Be wary of others who expect you to watch videos and read instructions on how to do this yourself. It takes around two and a half hours for our experienced technician who has installed spas for over 15 years, so imagine how long it would take someone who has never done it before.

Many potentially costly and frustrating mistakes can be made by someone with no prior experience installing spas. Installing a spa yourself is not something we recommend as there is quite a bit to it, for example it needs:

  1. To be unloaded and unwrapped
  2. Holes drilled in the sides for lockable latches
  3. The Cover Lifter assembled with holes drilled to attach the bolts
  4. To be filled with water and chemically balanced
  5. Spa circulation and filtration cycles set to your needs

You also need to know how to carefully maintain it, which our installer explains during the setup process.

SPA Pools

frequently asked questions

With over 40 years servicing spas of all makes and models, we have observed that cheaper spas use cheap materials in order to keep the cost down. These materials can crack or degrade much faster than reputable brands.


Often, the cheaper spas use cheaper manufacturers that don’t have the quality controls or experience of reputable, established brands. As a result, these spas aren’t as reliable. Another hidden trap with low-cost manufacturers is that they use off-the-shelf spare parts, which makes repairing or maintaining your spa challenging. Having said all this - the word ‘cheap’ is rather a misnomer - $5,000 is not cheap in anyone’s book yet for a spa pool is considered so.


Having serviced all makes and models for decades, we know that a cheap spa will require expensive replacement parts in a short period of time and will cost it’s owners more in running costs. We know the brands of spas we sell will provide many years of enjoyment and we are bricks and mortar based so if you have any issues, you know where you can find help.


Be sure to check the warranty before purchasing. Warranty coverage may not extend to highly exposed areas such as the acrylic spa shell and the surface for colour or discoloration. There is a good chance that it will break down if it's not covered by the warranty. Ensure that the warranty covers labour as well as parts, as time can be expensive.


Some well known companies inflate their RRP and always seem to have advertised ‘specials’ with a heavily discounted price. A dubious practice, yet one which seems to be common - take your own view on this.


We aim to provide you with a spa that will give you many years of enjoyment without hassle or undue expense.


The real question is not - how much will my spa cost me now, but how much will it cost me over the next ten years.

The very first spa pool was invented for just such a purpose. When Candido Jacuzzi's toddler Ken was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, the Jacuzzi brothers invented the world's first spa pool as a form of therapeutic hydrotherapy.


Hot water has been recognized as a healing agent since ancient times. Warm water massages can be therapeutic and restorative. Premium spas such as those made by Sundance Spas and Sapphire Spas are designed to assist with:

  • Stress-reduction
  • Improved sleep
  • Muscle pain relief
  • A decrease in back pain and arthritis symptoms

Spas are enjoyed by many people for their sense of calm, pain relief, rejuvenation, and increased energy.

Heat, massage, and buoyancy are used to create hydrotherapy.


Heat dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow to sore or damaged tissues, allowing oxygen and nutrients to help overworked muscles recover more quickly.


Jet-propelled massage relaxes tense muscles and relieves pressure on nearby nerves. The benefits of massage extend to improving circulation and accelerating the body's own healing process. The buoyancy effect reduces your body's weight by 90%. Joints and muscles are relieved of pressure.


Hydrotherapy is widely recognized as an effective method of reducing tension commonly associated with stress.

Sapphire Spas follow quality controlled manufacturing practices that enable them to offer their customers a 'lifecare commitment'.


They guarantee that your spa pool will be serviced as long as you own it.


The Sapphire Spas warranty is one of the longest and most comprehensive on the market. Unlike cheaper brands, there is no pro-rata or part-only policy. Instead you get full coverage for peace-of-mind.

  • 10 years on fibreglass structural support
  • 5 years on acrylic surface
  • 5 years on timber cabinet / 3 years on duratek cabinet
  • 3 years on swim spa frames
  • 3 years on jets
  • 3 year no leak guarantee
  • 3 years on equipment
  • 2 years on headrests
  • 2 years on hardcover

The Sundance Spa Pools are made by the same company that makes Jacuzzi pools. The Jacuzzi brothers invented the world's first submersible pump for hydrotherapy. By 1968, Jacuzzi created the first jet whirlpool bath, and by 1970, it invented larger indoor tubs to accommodate groups of people or whole families. Their long history of designing and manufacturing spa pools provides you with peace of mind.

Warranties vary depending on the range of Sundance Spa Pool you purchase. Full warranty information can be found here.

There are a huge range of factors that affect this variable and it is difficult to give a figure that encompasses all. However the type and amount of insulation, the size of the heater (or heat pump) and the size (literage) of the spa pool alongside the climate type (including day/night/ winter/ summer/ how windy), number of times used per day or per week; all of these impact heavily on the running costs of a spa. We estimate (and know with reasonable accuracy based on customer feedback as we all have apps monitoring power use) that a new spa pool with full insulation used daily for 30-45 minutes costs an average family of four between $3-4 per day in electricity.


A top quality 7 - 8 person spa can cost around $4-5 a day to run. Spa manufacturers that state a $1 a day based on daily use are simply not telling the truth - these are figures based on running a spa 10 years ago.


Start up costs are higher as there is a large power requirement to heat water from fresh fill through to 38 degrees. Poorly insulated spas lose heat and need far more electricity to maintain their temperature – in fact, they can end up using considerably more energy than a well-insulated spa.


The quality of the hard cover is also important - again, you get what you pay for. Trying to heat a poorly insulated spa over the course of a year could cost you up to $2000 more. Wouldn’t you rather invest that money in a quality spa to start with?

As part of Sundance and Sapphire Spas' safety features, multiple suction outlets are located in different parts of the spa pool which means all of the water is not drawn through one point.


Thus there is never sufficient suction at one point to trap fingers, hair or clothing. This feature should be checked in the spa being purchased.

Many people think salt water systems don't contain chlorine. But chemically, salt is sodium chloride - NaCl. In a salt water spa pool or swimming pool, an electrical current breaks down sodium chloride (NaCl) into chlorine. So contrary to popular belief, a salt water swimming pool or spa pool does contain chlorine!


An electrically operated cell is required to convert salt into chlorine. The cost of adding a salt water sanitizing cell system to your spa pool is high. The salt cells in salt-water spa pools have been extremely unreliable, so we no longer sell them. In addition, these cells often have a short lifespan, and they are expensive to replace. The salt cell has a one-year warranty. It is not uncommon for customers to replace up to three cells a year! A cell system can cost you an additional $12 a week in electricity costs - and that's just for the cell system.


Let's also not forget that salt is corrosive to metal especially at the warm water temperatures of a spa pool. Spas with saltwater systems frequently have damaged heaters, shells, and underwater lights. Manufacturers rarely replace spa pools that have been damaged in this way since it's not their fault.


Salt water swimming pools are at a much lower temperature and the systems we use in our swimming pool installs prevent pH fluctuations and uncontrolled delivery of chlorine using very low concentrations of salt providing highly effective sanitation.

Spa maintenance is easier with high quality, reputable brands thanks to advanced water management and filtration systems - all it takes is a few minutes per week to perform routine maintenance.

Here’s a quick summary of how to maintain a spa (more information can be found on our free downloads):

  1. Using test strips, check the chemical levels weekly and adjust them by adding appropriate recommended products according to your owner's manual—it doesn't require any chemistry expertise. However we recommend a shop based detailed water test approximately every month or so. That way you get a detailed ‘recipe’ on what needs adding and assurance that you are doing the correct thing. This is a complimentary service for all customers that purchase their chemicals from us. In addition your results are recorded so if any warranty claims should arise, you are assured (assuming you follow instructions) that your water chemistry is not to blame.
  2. Drains and refills are only necessary every 3-4 months, depending on usage.
  3. Once a week, rinse and clean your filter with a garden hose or filter flosser. Soak filters every 3-4 months in a specialist filter cleaner.
  4. Replacement should only be needed every 2-3 years.

Always use a lockable hard cover to keep your water warm and clean (it is a legal requirement to have a lockable hard cover). Your spa will be protected from debris and weather elements.

A number of factors determine the answer to this question. The spa will use more chemicals if it is used more often and by a large number of people. An important factor worth considering is showering prior to use. With clean bodies and clean togs (or no togs), sanitizer is used less.


Having just come from a gym or footie field covered in sweat and dirt, not removing sunscreen, moisturiser, deodorant or make-up, wearing t-shirts/shorts, etc. means more ‘bioburden’ and more need to use sanitising chemicals. You can contract skin, ear, throat, and gastro-intestinal infections by sitting in a spa of bacterial broth - beware!


Maintaining your spa water's balance (correct pH, correct mineral balance) and cleanliness (sanitisation) shouldn't cost a fortune and as a general rule should take about 20 minutes per week. To keep your warranty valid and to maintain your health, it is imperative to make sure your levels are maintained. Spa water should be sparkling, clear, and odorless. If not...you must come see us and we will get you sorted out.


Typically, spa pool chemicals cost between $200 and $400 per year. Our spa pools come with full sized bottles of chemicals - in fact, everything you need for at least 4-6 months.
Adding ozone and a UV system will reduce this price since less time is spent changing the water and fewer chemical sanitations are required.


Beware products that claim to handle all spa water requirements with just one application. This statement is simply false, and warranty claims are invalid if you follow this method.

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