A perfect synergy of performance, pride and passion
A perfect synergy of performance, pride and passion

Sapphire Spas & Swim Spas

Get the spa you’ve been dreaming of at a great price
  • Premium quality
  • High performance
  • Ergonomic comfort
  • User friendly control systems

Sapphire Spas are manufactured in Australia with optimum components, sourced from the very best within the industry.

Every Sapphire Spa is backed by a trusted and rock solid warranty for peace-of-mind. With a large selection of models, they have one to suit all budgets and offer a clear point of difference.

The Sapphire Spa website is an excellent source of further up to date information.


your series

  • Compact Spas
  • Family Spas
  • Luxurious Spas
  • Entertainment Spas
  • Swim Spas

your ideal size

  • 2 – 12 seats
Customise your


Sapphire Spas give you the option of customising your preferences like:

  • How many jets you want
  • What type of controls you prefer
  • Lights

Manufactured for over 20 years, Sapphire Spas is constantly looking to refine their products. The company is constantly making improvements in pump performance, seat and massage comfort, as well as longevity. Quality control is a big part of what they do. It’s all about providing their customers with the best value spa.

Pop into your local Wright Pools & Spas store to learn about the features of Sapphire Spas and explore the various models.

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Clearzone Water

Purification System

All Sapphire Spas that we floor stock are factory upgraded with an Ozone Sanitation System. Ozone is much more powerful than chlorine alone, therefore very effective at destroying bugs it comes in contact with.

Ozone is the preferred method of spa water sanitisation, however not all ozone systems are created equal. Beware of cheap, low grade ozone generators with poor injection systems. They may cost less but may have little impact on helping keep the spa water fresh, clean and healthy.

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