We can put a pool anywhere!
We can put a pool anywhere!
We can put a pool anywhere!
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Construction Process

Planning the construction of your new pool?

One of the great things about Compass Pools is that they generally take far less time to install compared to other types of pools, like concrete for example. We generally have your pool in the ground, plumbed up and filled with water within days of getting it to site. But, of course you need to allow for the planning and consent phase, which can take some time. It definitely pays to get in early if you want your pool installed by summer.

If you want to be swimming in your new pool in summer then you actually need to be planning the construction of your pool well before that. When it is already hot and summer is here, it perhaps comes as no surprise that most people begin to think about buying a pool.

Unfortunately, by the time you sort out a plan, get approval from local authorities and then get scheduled into your pool builder’s timeline. Although you may be lucky, the chances are that your pool may not be fully finished and the landscaping completed until the following summer.

Have everything sorted

before summer starts

It pays to have everything sorted before summer starts if you want to enjoy a long summer of swimming.

Naturally, spring and summer brings warmer and drier weather so most pool builders become very busy with pool installations during this time.

To a certain degree deciding what type of pool (and what pool company) to go with is the easy part. Once you’ve made that decision there is still a number of factors which can influence when your pool goes in the ground.

A few of the things that impact on

when your pool will be installed include

Your design plan:

It’s one thing to decide what shape, size and brand of pool you want but before your pool plan can be submitted to authorities for approval you’ll have to decide on its exact position as well as where the pool enclosure boundaries will be. The sooner you make these crucial decisions the sooner we can get the ball rolling for you.

Obtaining consent:

Before you install a swimming pool in your backyard you must obtain consent from your local council. We do this on your behalf. This process involves submitting a detailed plan of the pool and surrounding areas for their consideration. The approval process can take up to six weeks (sometimes longer if they ask for more information). During that time we can’t start your pool build.

Your pool builder's

production timeline

Once we have received the appropriate approvals, we can place your pool into our installation timeline.

It is important to remember that we may have several pools ahead of us before we can start construction on your site.

The earlier you get the ball rolling, the more chance there is that our timetable will match yours.

The early bird

gets the worm!

Although a Compass Pool can be quick and easy to install, we still tell people that the best advice is to allow yourself several months to go through the planning and approval process.

The best advice is to have an honest conversation with us about the timeframes you can expect the work to begin.

The pool is also the first stage and landscaping comes after. That can take weeks or months depending on the complexity and area to be covered.

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