A pool unique to your site and requirements
A pool unique to your site and requirements
Design - Install - Refurbish - Explain - Maintain

Custom Pools

Lay back and relax, we take care of everything for you.

When you choose us for your new pool, we take care of everything from planning, design, consent and installation, as well as project management through to adding the finishing touches and arranging landscaping.

We will work with a team of professionals that adhere to the same high standards as us, including architects, builders, plumbers, electricians and landscape architects. The beautiful thing about choosing Wright Pools & Spas for your new pool, is that you get the very best design expertise combined with practical experience. So your pool not only looks spectacular, but is easy to use, enjoyable and goes the distance.

OVER four decades of


Our team has over four decades of experience in the design and build of many custom pools. We’ve installed small and elegant courtyard pools, through to large commercial, public and domestic pools, as well as indoor and outdoor pools and everything in between. Wellington Pool Services is a dedicated commercial pool specialist company and is part of the Wright Pools & Spas group.

Specialist needs are also something we have considerable experience in. Examples include retirement villages, water parks, a pool for disabled children, a weighing pool at a university, as well as animal rehabilitation pools.

We work closely with you alongside architects, builders and landscapers offering experience and advice on the highest quality materials and pool equipment.

Our use of exceptional technology means your pool operation can be easily automated, ensuring a clear sparkling pool for years of enjoyment.

Custom Pools


There are a variety of construction methods available. They range from:

  • Fibrolite walls, sprayed with fibreglass
  • Sprayed concrete pool shell that can then be plastered, tiled, painted or fibre glassed depending upon budget and desired finish/look
  • Concrete block construction. As above, a variety of finishes can be done.

Custom built pools offer more flexibility when choosing a swimming pool, as they are built to suit your unique location. Any shape, size or depth and can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

Individual features such as curves, ledges, swim outs etc can be designed in. There is also a range of finishes that can be chosen including tiles, plaster/render and quartz.

The build on a custom designed pool takes typically at least 3 months and sometimes longer. Factors affecting this are the weather, site location and complexity of the build. On top of this is the landscaping and fencing although this can sometimes occur simultaneously.

This will vary enormously dependent upon size, site, materials to be used and features wanted. Once we have a brief from you and have looked at your site, we can provide a no obligation estimate.

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