Post-lockdown demand for swimming pools and spa pools at record highs

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On March 25, 2020, New Zealand’s highest level of lockdown was triggered at exactly 11.59 p.m. Unlike other countries, NZ’s lockdown was strict and very black-and-white. Except for essential service workers, everyone had to stay home. All universities, schools, and preschools closed. All businesses were closed, with the exception of essential service providers. There were no exceptions. Every region, business and household were in the same boat.

Revenues for entire industries plunged to zero or near zero following the mandatory hibernation. Whilst the government stepped in to provide wage subsidies and other relief for business owners, it wasn’t enough to cover core expenses for the vast majority of businesses.

Nobody predicted demand would reach this level

There were many doomsday predictions, as one might expect. The coronavirus pandemic was widely expected to drop house prices, with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand predicting a drop of 9%. Unemployment was expected to rise to 9%. When entire workforces are wiped out overnight, how could anything else be possible?

Not surprisingly, many luxury goods providers predicted their revenue would take years to bounce back. After all, who’s going to buy a spa or new pool when almost 10% of the working population is unemployed and 9% of a home owner’s equity is wiped out?

What no one predicted was a boom like no other. As many ex-pats sought refuge in one of the world’s safest countries, the market for NZ housing was higher than ever. House prices have hit record highs as the construction industry booms. Interest rates were at an all-time low, less than half what they were in 2015. Demand was high and borrowing was more affordable.

People began investing in their homes since they could not travel overseas. After being confined to their homes for a month, New Zealanders started treating their homes like sanctuaries. Surely, if a lockdown is on the way, it should be made as comfortable as possible? Their rising equity and lower borrowing costs also added to consumer confidence.

In times of high demand, what happens to quality?

As a result, luxury items such as swimming pools and spa pools were in high demand following Covid-19. The next best alternative if you can’t go to a resort is to create one at home. These big-ticket items are a big investment, and there is a wide range of choices. Yet, how do you keep the quality up in a market where demand surges so suddenly? How can you tell what’s reliable? What steps do you take to ensure standards are maintained in the spa and pool industry?

The Swimming Pool and Spa Associations Vital Role

It is fortunate that NZ and Australia have the Swimming Pools and Spa Association (SPASA). SPASA is dedicated to maintaining and improving standards in the swimming pool and spa industry. To enhance standards within the industry, they offer a wide range of accredited training programs. The industry also celebrates success in construction, design, manufacturing, supply, products, retail and service.

SPASA members are leading pool builders, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, technical service technicians, subcontractors, installers, consultants who have set the industry standard in skill, craftsmanship, and ethical conduct in the best interests of pool and spa owners.

Consumers can buy with confidence from a SPASA member. The process of meeting membership standards is quite rigorous and includes demonstrating a history of successful ethical trading and knowledge appropriate to the membership category.

SPASA members are among the most experienced, professional, and recognized members of the industry. SPASA Members have access to the latest technical standards and consumer-relevant information and are bound by the Association’s Code of Ethics

New Zealand’s Latest SPASA Member

In the Wellington Region, there is now a SPASA retailer that sells and services spas and swimming pools. The latest SPASA member to meet the strict membership requirements is Wright Pools & Spas. Consumers can buy new swimming pools and spas with confidence knowing that this company has been thoroughly vetted by one of the most reputable industry associations.

In the southern hemisphere, look for a SPASA accredited member when buying a spa or pool. With more and more suppliers entering the market every day, this has become more important than ever before. As with any big-ticket item, quality products, reliable advice, and after-sales service are critical for many years of trouble-free enjoyment. If you’re looking for Swimming Pools Wellington or Spa Pools Wellington, visit one of the three Wright Pools & Spas stores near you.