Ozone is a good means of providing sanitisation to spas
Ozone is a good means of providing sanitisation to spas
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All Sapphire Spas that we floor stock are factory upgraded with an Ozone Sanitation System.

Ozone is many times more powerful than chlorine alone, therefore very effective at destroying bugs it comes in contact with.

Ozone is the preferred method of spa water sanitisation, however not all ozone systems are created equal. Beware of cheap, low grade ozone generators with poor injection systems. They may cost less but may also have little impact on helping keep the spa water fresh, clean and healthy.

It is essential that the ozone system has adequate output and is set up to thoroughly mix and dissolve the ozone into the water. The secret is to ensure there is enough ozone being produced, and then maximise its contact time with the water as much as possible before it reverts to plain old oxygen.

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It is also equally important to ensure the ozone has predominantly reverted to oxygen by the time it escapes to the surface of the spa water.

A high-performance Corona Discharge Ozone Unit, combined with an efficient Venturi Injector, are keys to this process. The plumbing method used to incorporate this into the spa is also critical.

Clearzone is the ultimate in sanitisation; it is the best way to keep your spa water clean. Clearzone uses ozone in combination with germicidal UV-C light. The combination of these two technologies creates an environment many, many times more powerful than ozone on its own. This results in much more effective destruction of nasties in the water.

It also greatly reduces the chlorine by-products that cause skin, eye and respiratory irritation and makes the water smell fresh. Very little, if any, chemical smell. The other benefit of Clearzone is that this process also polishes the water to crystal clear clarity, providing the filter is kept clean and general water balance is maintained.

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