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Great for fitness and fun

The X-Trainer swimming pool was designed for fitness and fun. Its rectangular shape suits contemporary architecture and offers you infinite style options.

X-Trainer fibreglass swimming pool is the number one option for many families. It’s great both for fitness and fun – with an unobstructed swimming corridor, a place for kids to rest and a shallow to deep floor.

Some shapes in X-Trainer fibreglass swimming pool range may differ from the 3D design shown. Click on the individual ‘view’ for specific design detail.



Model Length Width Shallow End Deep End
11.8 11.74m 4.2m 1.09m 1.93m
10.2 10.2m 4.2m 1.09m 1.93m
9.4 9.42m 4.2m 1.07m 1.85m
8.2 8.2m 4.2m 1.09m 1.75m
8.2 SL 8.2m 3.0m 1.09m 1.75m
7.2 7.2m 3.7m 1.09m 1.68m
7.15 SL 7.15m 3.0m 1.09m 1.68m
5.8 5.78m 3.0m 1.11m 1.52m
5.8 SL 5.78m 2.7m 1.11m 1.52m
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