The foundations of a super-tough pool
The foundations of a super-tough pool
Compass Pools

Ceramic Core

A super-tough pool that you know you can rely on

Compass Pools have been manufacturing innovative fibreglass ceramic pools for decades.

Our patented ceramic core technology allows us to build you a tougher and more durable pool, which is designed to cope with seasonal ground movement, and the effects of long-term immersion in pool water.

The secret to the sucess and durability of

Compass Pools is its patented ceramic composite design

In the early 90’s the Compass Pools research and development team set about finding new ways to make a pool that was so tough and reliable that they could offer customers peace of mind with an extended structural guarantee and enhanced interior surface guarantee.

It was widely accepted that the proper use of vinyl ester resin in the manufacturing process would greatly improve a pool shell’s inherent water resistance.

That’s because vinyl ester resin is 50 times less susceptible to hydrolysis by water than polyester resin (the other main resin type typically used in fibreglass pool construction).

However, Compass Pools decided that it was important to look beyond industry standards. We were seeking a new method that allowed us to manufacture a fibreglass composite pool for our customers that was designed to last longer.

Our team went back to the drawing board to

find the best answer for our customers

With a great deal of research, we developed a technology which blended vinyl ester resin with ceramic microspheres.

This breakthrough resulted in a light-weight composite core that significantly improved our fibreglass pool’s structure and performance.

Similar composite materials are used in the aerospace industry, and in the construction of high-performance trains and high-performance racing boats. In our case, the application of this blend of ceramic microspheres and vinyl ester resin also required us to specially modify our fibreglass spraying equipment, which formed part of our patented method.

A note from

Compass pools Christchurch

There were nearly 80 pools installed within the Canterbury earthquake area and there was no damage to either the pools or the concrete bond beam from the September 2010 quake.

After the much more devastating February 2011 quake, there was only one pool that needed replacing (and to put that into context everything else around it was devastated too).

And only one other pool needed minor repairs. Many customers who unfortunately suffered damage to their homes and property did not have any damage to their Compass Pool.

Some may call it a twist of fate that our pools fared so well during the quakes, but when so many pools have been severely damaged around them, we say it is no coincidence at all!

By no means are we saying that our pools are indestructible but we are confidently saying that they have performed extremely well in the recent earthquakes.

Ceramic micro-spheres have

some truly astonishing properties

  • They are so tough they can withstand 10,000 psi of pressure with no noticeable effect
  • They are resistant to chemical breakdown – they won’t dissolve or change after exposure to water or other chemicals in your pool
  • The will not absorb water in any form, which can be a leading cause of osmosis in pools.

These micro-spheres are a key ingredient in our unique ceramic core, which is now an integral component in the manufacture of all Compass Pools sold across Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

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