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Just because our pools are preformed in a factory doesn’t mean you can’t customise.

With Wright Pools & Spas  you can customise your pool to suit your backyard and personal taste.

There are many ways you can change and enhance your Compass fibreglass pool to create a truly unique design.

Ponds and waders

A wader pool was designed for relaxation and play

It offers you a place to enjoy as a sun lounge, and a place to play for children of all ages.

Combining a Compass Pool and wader gives you the freedom to create an individual custom design perfect for your lifestyle.

Ponds are the perfect accent to complement your extended living space. They create a contemporary look and fit perfectly with modern architecture.

Disappearing edges

Infinity edges are the perfect Nexus element for a pool

Disappearing edge design produces a landscape so dramatic and romantic that it will make a lasting impression with your family and friends.

A disappearing edge design is the perfect Nexus element for a pool that is located on a sloping site or roof top.

Combining your outlook whether it is a cityscape or water views, Compass Nexus disappearing edge technology will create a seamless view between your pool and landscape.

This spectacular architectural element creates a remarkable showpiece in your home.


Sunpods are ideal to unite two primary bodies of water

This clever design application creates something visually spectacular.

Sunpods are an artful and unique way to add style and interest to your pool environment. These versatile water features also serve as a place to play. Sunpods are custom designed to your individual size requirements. Your Sunpod water feature can be integrated on any side of your pool or spa. Sunpods can also wrap around a corner creating a unique water feature design aesthetic.

Kids love to play in a Sunpod feature. The water jets offer hours of amusement for children of all ages.

Water Wall

A sheer decent water feature

A water feature is a spectacular enhancement to your pool.

It also creates feelings of relaxation, adding to the ambiance of your backyard.

There is nothing more peaceful and relaxing than listening to the sound of running water, especially when entertaining poolside.

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