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Pinnacle in contemporary pool design

This uniquely designed swimming pool offers something special for all ages, with an unobstructed swimming corridor for those who enjoy fitness and fun.

Vogue is one of our most popular fibreglass pools. Its centrally positioned entry steps combine style and functionality. The step ledge not only gives children a place to rest but is a great safety feature. Swimouts and wide steps at both ends are ideal relaxation zones. Both the swimming pool floor and the steps are slip resistant. With length ranging from 7.15m up to 10.2m, it can fit into most of the backyards. All models of this swimming pool range are 1.09m deep ad the shallow end, while the deep end depth varies from 1.68m to 1.93m. You can select from all our Vivid and Bi-luminite colours for your Vogue pool. Of course, it is manufactured using advanced Compass technologies including the ceramic core for strength and durability of the swimming pool.

Some models of the Vogue pool may differ from the 3D design shown.

vogue POOL


Model Length Width Shallow End Deep End
10.2 10.2m 4.2m 1.09m 1.93m
9.4 9.4m 4.2m 1.09m 1.86m
8.2 8.2m 4.2m 1.09m 1.75m
8.2N 8.2m 3.45m 1.09m 1.75m
7.15 7.15m 3.6m 1.09m 1.68m
7.15 SL 7.15m 3.0m 1.09m 1.68m
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