A good pool cover will save you time, money and energy
A good pool cover will save you time, money and energy

Pool Covers

A pool cover is essential to maintain heat

Pool covers help keep the pool clear of debris and reduce water evaporation and chemical loss.  Different types are available that vary in price and the level of sophistication. 

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Automatic Pool Covers

Cover-Pools automatic pool covers are the ultimate safety barrier that protect your family even when there is no one around.

Cover-Pools offer many design options to maintain aesthetics without compromising on safety. A very popular model for new pools. You can view the full range on the Cover-Pools website.


Pool Covers

Slatted pool covers offer excellent insulation, full automation and are available in a range of colours. Compared to other covers, they are more expensive.



PoolGuard is a durable multi functional innovation in swimming pool safety, and the perfect cover for new or existing pools. PoolGuard is a durable multifunctional pool cover that provides pool owners with protection and peace of mind.

PoolGuard is constructed from durable cross woven polyester, which is UV treated and PVC coated. PoolGuard is stabilised by aluminum tubes that span the width of the cover. It can be manually or mechanically operated.


Pool Blanket

This is the best cover for reducing heat loss in a heated pool. Requires manual winding operation, can be mounted above or below a deck. Relatively inexpensive.


Bubble Cover

Recommended for unheated pools enabling maximum heat gain purely from sunlight. Requires manual winding/unwinding. This cover provides average heat retention and has a shorter life expectancy compared to other covers. This is the cheapest type of pool cover available.


Pool Blanket

A liquid pool blanket adds an ultra-thin liquid barrier to help prevent water and heat loss. A liquid preparation that requires re-application at least monthly. This type of cover is not effective if windy or any situation where the pool surface is disturbed. It cannot prevent debris falling in the pool. 

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