The Maxi Rib technology enables beautiful above or semi above ground fibreglass pools to be built on difficult sites, even those with infinity edges
The Maxi Rib technology enables beautiful above or semi above ground fibreglass pools to be built on difficult sites, even those with infinity edges

Semi Above & Above Ground Pools

Fiberglass Above Ground Pools

With advancements in building technology and architectural design, it has become increasingly common to construct homes on sloping or challenging sites. This presents a unique challenge when it comes to installing a pool, requiring us to come up with creative solutions. However, the Australian Design Award-Winning MaxiRib™ system has revolutionised the way semi above and above ground pools are installed.

Contrary to popular belief, installing a pool above natural ground level does not necessitate extensive earthworks or the construction of retaining walls. Our innovative MaxiRib system eliminates the need for these additional processes, thereby reducing engineering costs. In fact, in most cases, installing a Compass MaxiRib Pool proves to be more cost-effective compared to alternatives involving earthworks, retaining walls, or even concrete pools.

At Wright Pools & Spas, we strive to provide unique solutions that optimise the installation process while ensuring customer satisfaction. The MaxiRib system embodies our commitment to innovation and efficiency, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality pool, while minimising additional expenses.

Compass MaxiRib™ Technology

Perfect for sloping and difficult sites

Since 2000, Compass Pools has pioneered the installation of above ground pools. The Maxi Rib System was the first of its kind, and won an Australian design award for innovation! With the Maxi Rib System, you can put a full-sized Compass Pool almost anywhere you want it: from hillsides to rooftops. With Maxi Ribs, vanishing edges (infinity pools), acrylic windows, waterfalls and much more are possible.

If your site meets any of the following criteria, then an above ground pool could be the perfect solution for you:

  • You have a sloping site that would require some or all of your pool walls to be above ground level.
  • You desire an elegant vanishing or infinity-edge pool with stunning windows in the pool wall.
  • You wish to install your pool on a deck or patio area elevated above the natural ground level.
  • You want to place your pool in close proximity to a building for convenience.
  • You need your pool to be partially above ground for landscape design purposes.

Installation Gallery

The associated images demonstrate a Compass Pools Maxi-Rib install. Note the ribs on the exterior of the pool in the image where it is being lifted. Once the pool is in situ, these ribs are filled with concrete ensuring a solid above or partial above ground construction.

Why Compass Above Ground Fibreglass Pools?

Cleaner, Safer & Cost-Effective

Over the past three decades, Compass has been at the forefront of technological advancements.

Our state-of-the-art pools are known globally for their durability, cleanliness, safety, and ease of maintenance. They are cost-effective, offer health benefits, and are aesthetically pleasing.

Plus, installing a Compass Pool in your backyard is quick and hassle-free, taking just 5-10 days. No need to worry about tradesmen working at your home for extensive periods

Ceramic Core

A Pool Built to Last

Immerse yourself in unmatched durability and innovation with Compass Pools. As pioneers in fibreglass pool manufacturing, they are dedicated to creating pools that stand the test of time.

Groundbreaking ceramic core technology guarantees that your pool stays strong, withstanding seasonal ground movement and the effects of long-term water exposure. Dive into a pool you can rely on.

Self Cleaning

Vantage In-Floor Self-Cleaning System

Discover the ultimate solution for a cleaner and more cost-effective pool – the Vantage cleaning system. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals, pesky debris, and the hassle of manual cleaning.

With this innovative water circulation system, you’ll enjoy a self-cleaning above-ground pool that saves you money and time. It eliminates cold spots, keeps your pool sparkling clean, and makes maintenance a breeze.

Upgrade your pool experience with Vantage and experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Above Ground Pool Colours

Prepare to be amazed by the awe-inspiring Compass Bi-luminite colouring system. Watch as your swimming pool transforms into a mesmerising 3D spectacle with their one-of-a-kind dual-layer technique.

Experience the brilliance as your pool glistens and dazzles under the sun like never before. Explore the range of captivating colours and possibilities.

Bi-luminite Colours

Vivid Colours

Construction Process

Design - Install - Refurbish - Explain - Maintain

Compass Pools have gained a renowned reputation for their exceptional efficiency in installation compared to other types of pools. Within a matter of days, we can have your pool expertly placed in the ground, skillfully plumbed, and filled with crystal-clear water.

Nonetheless, it’s important to consider that the planning and consent phase may necessitate additional time. To ensure your pool is ready for summertime enjoyment, we strongly recommend taking proactive action. Discover more about the comprehensive pool construction process by visiting the link below.

Life-time Warranty

Buy With Confidence

The expansive selection of Compass Pools includes Bi-luminite Fibreglass Ceramic pools, which come with an exceptional lifetime structural warranty.

As the original owner, this comprehensive warranty provides coverage for the entire duration of your property ownership, ensuring peace of mind. Moreover, even if you decide to relocate within the first 25 years, you have the flexibility to transfer the warranty to the new owner.

This showcases our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction.

After-Sales Support

We Are Always Here For You

Rest assured that in the unlikely event of any issues with your new pool’s performance, Wright Pools & Spas will see you right! With two well-established retail stores and a team of highly experienced specialists, we prioritise accessibility and long-term reliability.

Unlike home-based installers who can only be reached via mobile phones, Wright Pools & Spas brings over 40 years of experience to ensure your peace of mind in your purchase.

Trust us to deliver exceptional service and support throughout your ownership journey.


Semi & Above Ground Pools

Compass Pools’ range of Bi-luminite Fibreglass Ceramic pools is backed by a lifetime structural warranty. If you’re the original owner of that property, that warranty will last as long as you live there, and if you move, it can be transferred to a new owner within 25 years.

Whether you are looking for an above ground pool or an in ground pool, we have a variety of options available.

For decades, Compass Pools has manufactured innovative fibreglass ceramic pools. The patented ceramic core technology builds a tougher, more durable pool, which is designed to withstand seasonal ground movement and the effects of long-term immersion.

For more information on pool consent visit canibuildit.govt.nz/pools

All residential pools are required to have a fence that restricts access to children under 5 years of age. Obtaining building consent for this fence is mandatory.

For more information on pool fence consent, please visit the Wellington City Council website.

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