Mineral sanitizing systems
Mineral sanitizing systems

mineral water system

What is a MagnaPool™?

Rather than using sodium chloride (salt) to provide the sanitation for a swimming pool, the MagnaPool™ system utilises magnesium chloride.

This system claims to have benefit in being a ‘healthier’ more natural type of pool and may have health benefit in terms of reducing aches and pains, relieving stress and anxiety alongside promoting health and well-being.

We can install a MagnaPool™ system for both commercial and domestic pools, existing pools as well as new builds.

We stock MagnaPool™ mineral salts and accessories.

Magnapool™ is mineral

water for swimming pools

The MagnaPool™ system is able to be installed in not only domestic but also commercial swimming pools. It can be installed in your existing pool or can be included in a new pool build.

  • The MagnaPool™ system delivers an alternative to traditional salt or heavily dosed chlorinated pools
  • Water that is rich in Magnesium & Potassium minerals
  • Water that is extremely gentle and therapeutic on sensitive skin
  • Water that is claimed to be therapeutic for your body and beneficial for your health and well-being
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